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“Franks Realm”:

“Spartacus Educational: Sioux”:
“Spartacus Educational: Pawnee”:
“Spartacus Educational: Cheyenne”:
“Spartacus Educational: Comanche”:
“Spartacus Educational: Blackfeet”:
“Spartacus Educational: Crow”:
“Indian tribes”:

“Tribes of the US and Canada Contacts Database”:

“American Memory; Edward S. Curtis photo collection”:

“Native American History and Culture”:

“Native American Technology and Art”:

*Civil War and indians:*
“Paths to Indians in the Civil War”:
“American Indians in the Civil War”:
“Native Americans in the Civil War”:
“Union and Confederate Indians in the Civil War”:
“Indian Wars During the Civil War and Reconstruction”:

“Infoplease encyclopedia, Indian Wars”:
“Fort Laramie Treaty 1868”: