Sixpack Jim

Sixpack Jim Biography

Desk monkey (1969— )

Early Years

Sixpack Jim was born on July, 1969, in Southern Finland to a poor family of farmers. Family lived together with grandparents in a small farmstead having a henhouse, barn and a nag. His mother worked as a low-paid seamstress in a nearby leather factory. His father was a self-employed craftsman often travelling to the far corners of the world. Not much details about the early years is known, but some old pictures illustrate that as an infant Jim was raised by the family dog. Apparently a shepherd dog kept the roaming vultures at a range while the family members were occupied. Attached an old picture illustrating grandfather aiding Jim, a shepherd dog named “Fara” and the homestead barn in the backround.

Young Outlaw

During early years Jim and his younger brother often roamed the local town and frightened residents with sloppy apperance, loud noises and indescreet behaviour. Youngsters often gathered together and formed small rivaling gangs. Other gangs from adjacent towns were often treated harshly. Gambling, devouring sweets and drinking refreshments was more a rule than an exception. As a teenager Jim rarely visited homestead anymore, mostly due searching for an easy meal, but instead preferred wondering in the woods or riding with other juvelines.

On the Run

In 1990s, Jim left home in the hopes of carving out a better, more prosperous life than what his parents had been able to provide and drifted to the capital area of the country to work as a trainee. The beloved Tex Willer magazines and vintage potraits of ladies with bare ankles were left behind and used as a makeshift insulant inside the housestead walls, as recently discovered.

Boom years

In the beginning of the 21th century Jim married with a beautiful lady from a town at western coast of the country. The lady, nicknamed “Virginia” also joined the C.O.W.S gang later, following Jim’s footsteps. Not much is known about the life or various professions Jim attended, but they may have been related with electromagnetic telegraph systems or their descendants. Some of the wires installed by him still exist, but most of the damage is already fixed.

Cowboy years

Somewhere around year 2009 Jim got interested about the fabulous life of a cowboy. He befriended with another cowboy, nicknamed “Armadillo” who later was appointed as a chairman of the notorious C.O.W.S gang in Finland. Despite Jim’s controversial background, he had a reputation for keeping his word and being a skinflint. Thus he was later handed the task of handling the monetary issues of the C.O.W.S gang.